A bit about me

Erin Jepson Dopp

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Erin – wife to Rocky, live event professional, musician, knitter, spinner of yarn (and not the tall tale kind), thrift store treasure hunter, lover of the culinary arts, hiker and cat mom to Minaret (Mini… Mini Moo… Minironi and Cheese… Kitton gris) and Grace (Meep… Meepers… Meeperoni and Cheese… Kitton d’orange).

In my spare time I love heading to the coast, sipping wine in the Willamette valley or hitting the trail with my very favorite person and adventure partner (otherwise known as Rocky, the husband, sweet boy, favorite guy…).

Born and raised in the hot Texas sun, further aged in the foothills of the Ozarks in Arkansas and finally settled amongst the trees just outside of Portland, OR – I’ve found where I belong.