what’s that they say?

Time flies when you’re having fun, I believe. It’s been well over 6 months since my last post and my life has drastically changed during that time. In more ways than one. The obvious one is a move from Oregon to Washington to take over the management of a convention center north of Seattle. Oh, […]

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Salt & Straw in the off-season

Hi. Hello. Oh hey there! It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been telling myself I need to come here and write some words. It helps me get things out of my head and filed away. But it hasn’t happened until today. The last day of May 2022. I know exactly what has been blocking it. […]

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The first thing I did when I climbed out of bed this morning, a bit later than normal for a Friday, was peek out the window to check the screen. The odd thing is, there is no screen on that window. As far as I can tell, there never has been. It isn’t a window […]

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words, words, words

Writing my last post was a struggle. I forced myself to sit down and write, but didn’t really have anything notable to write about. I struggle to recap all of the amazing things that happen in this lifetime, and do better writing about things less concrete. Maybe that’s why I never stuck with a diary […]

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laissez les bon temps rouler

It’s Mardi Gras… or Fat Tuesday is you prefer. Back in 2020, I purchased some green, yellow and purple sugar sprinkles with big plans to bake a king cake. The sprinkles have yet to be used and I’ve never made a king cake. That’s how baking goes in my world. I did make a cherry […]

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February fourteenth

Hey. It’s February 14. Don’t forget, the good candy goes on sale tomorrow. Whether you spend today showering the person you wake up next to each morning with love or celebrating the fact that no one is around to witness you drinking wine straight from the bottle while looking your best in the light of […]

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Well, that song series project I embarked on with Lost In Love Creations went live on Sunday. I hinted at this not being an easy project a couple of posts ago and that did not change as I completed the first album. Every step of this project was hard. Some designs were easy, but the […]

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Just a memory

My car winded down a highway that used to be surrounded by dense forest. Years of cool, damp asphalt was home to thick moss creeping along the shoulder. It looked like some road, long forgotten, leading to nowhere. Many Sundays were spent hunting for the perfect picnic spot, a hidden cove along the river where […]

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Creative pressure

Perhaps it’s undue pressure… or maybe just unneeded pressure… but whichever it is and whatever creates it, I put it on myself. I liken my creative process… or creative bursts to watching moss change over the course of a year. There are times when moss flourishes. It’s on everything and no matter how hard you […]

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a fog

The winter fog is hanging around again. I don’t mind it. It’s almost like a childhood blanket, or a locked front door, protecting us from what is just beyond our view. Of course, one of those is less protective, so maybe it is more like that blanket. The world could be burning on the other […]

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