February fourteenth

Hey. It’s February 14. Don’t forget, the good candy goes on sale tomorrow.

Whether you spend today showering the person you wake up next to each morning with love or celebrating the fact that no one is around to witness you drinking wine straight from the bottle while looking your best in the light of an open fridge late at night, I hope you have a day full of it.

Whatever “it” is for you.

We’ll be spending this year at home, in our Monday evening comfy clothes, cooking one of those meals you’ll remember for ages, listening to our favorite music and opening that good bottle of wine. Sounds pretty perfect.

5 thoughts on “February fourteenth

  1. I hope it was a good one! And if you went out for discounted chocolates on Tuesday, I hope you found a treasure’s worth! 🙂

  2. No treasure’s worth of chocolates for me, trying to slim down a bit! It was a nice and quiet V-Day at home for me. I hope that meal ended up truly being one for the ages! I’m a little jealous of the meals y’all make. They always sound so good!

  3. Ah, good idea to avoid chocolates then… and avoid being jealous of the meals I make… they won’t help anyone with slimming down (I write this while munching on carrots and cucumbers purchased to balance out those epic kitchen adventures). 😂

  4. I’m sure it’d be worth it to indulge in some of your yummy creations! I hope you have a great weekend. ❤

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