Well, that song series project I embarked on with Lost In Love Creations went live on Sunday. I hinted at this not being an easy project a couple of posts ago and that did not change as I completed the first album. Every step of this project was hard.

Some designs were easy, but the hard part was the doubt around if anyone would like them.

Some designs were hard to come to, but the finished product was one of my favorite creations to date.

One design never really came together, and the hard part there was just letting go and moving on.

Figuring out a plan for posting, engaging my audience, and going live as I dropped these into my Instagram wasn’t easy… and implementing the plan even harder.

My hands shook as soon as I went live on Sunday at 2:00pm PST. Would people join the live post? Would they interact? Would I know what to do when they did? Turns out, people did join. Lots of people. They interacted, it was positive. I didn’t know exactly how to best manage the Instagram live “thing” but I’ll get better in time. The posts didn’t quite work out how I wanted them to, not sure why, but again, it wasn’t going to be easy and the end result was loved by many.

I’m the perfectionists critiquing the process, those watching from afar didn’t have a single critique to share.

So it was a success.

I learned a ton throughout this process and will learn more as I continue the project with the next album. I wanted something to challenge me, to give me some “problem” to solve from start to finish and this is exactly that. I get to be creative, put my marketing brain to use, put the business side of my brain to work and have fun in the process. This is exactly what I needed and can’t wait to continue sharing this project with you.

And, without further delay, for those of you who don’t hang out on Instagram, here’s the finished products. If you want the inspiration behind each, you will need to click that menu in the upper right of the screen and head over to Lost In Love Creations on Instagram. That’s where you’ll find the full story.


Best Of What’s Around
What Would You Say
Rhyme & Reason
Typical Situation
Dancing Nancies
Ants Marching
Lover Lay Down
Jimi Thing
Pay For What You Get

7 thoughts on “embark

  1. I love Satellite and Jimi Thing. Would love more info on pricing.

  2. Amanda – thank you so much! I’m quite proud of this series of sorts and can’t wait to do more with it.

  3. You are so talented! I love them all! Congrats on a successful song series. Looking forward to future ones for sure!

  4. Terry – why thank you ☺️ this project checked the boxes on this first round so you won’t have to look forward to future ones for too long.

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