a rush

It happened last night. I had the same feeling I got when it was announced last spring that the summer tour I was so eagerly waiting for was a go. But this time it was when we left a friend’s house after making a very important cupcake and TOTO IV on vinyl delivery. It’s pure […]

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Maybe I’m just drawn to the wonder of it all. I’m not one of those constantly optimistic people, but I do always look forward to what’s to come. Like, tomorrow something magical might be waiting for me while today, I have no idea it could be out there at all. Maybe an email about an […]

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20 twenty-two

It’s comfortably raining in Portland again. After a week of snow, I’m okay greeting the less frozen variety of moisture from the sky. We’re high enough in elevation at my house that just yesterday, we still had hollow, lumpy skeletons of snow piles from shoveled sidewalks and plowed streets from last week’s snow showers. Melting […]

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in a flash

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. When did that happen? I could have sworn yesterday was Halloween… and is this passage of time starting to be a theme in my blog posts? Perhaps I need more to talk about. Honestly, it seems like just yesterday we were in New York City, but it’s been over a week since […]

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I’m only mildly surprised it’s November 1st. But also mostly surprised because yesterday was July 20th, right? I can’t be the only one out there that’s feeling this. It feels like November, but it doesn’t seem like 2021 is actually almost over. I’ll say it again, but you’ve heard it before, this year, must like […]

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Seventeen years ago was quite some time. In human years, that kid is almost ready to graduate high school and hopefully flee the nest. I won’t have to worry about that. Not with this one. Seventeen in these years marks the time passed since our first date. Yes, I’m “those” people. I celebrate this, always […]

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just like that

Summer is over. Just like that. The rain has returned. Just like that. It’s all washed away. I posted a while back about how many shows we were going to this year. I was a big talker. We fell victim to the great concert tour announcement crash of 2021 and bought more than we really […]

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it’s time

It’s time. Or rather, almost time. We’ll be joining in on the annual caravan to the Gorge on Thursday morning. This upcoming week was supposed to be concerts 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the year… but one was postponed, the other we sold on StubHub and the 3rd we’re trying to offload. Our eyes […]

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stream of consciousness

We started watching Fargo last week. The series. Not the movie. I could almost recite the movie by heart. But I digress. We started watching the series last week because, like always, we’re very late to the TV show game. Let’s just get my opinion of it out of the way. So far, I really […]

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and so it begins

What I consider concert season kicked off last week. Sure sure, other bands started earlier this summer, but the one I follow set foot on the stage together for the first time in over 500 days on Friday and I felt it in my bones. All the way on the other side of the continent. […]

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