the hum

The hum of the traffic tried to compete for our attention with the laughter coming from the couple next to us. They inquired about my cocktail and laughed hysterically as I likened it to a smoked lemon drop. I wasn’t sure what was funny about that but I imagine the eruption of laughter came from […]

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here… can you hold this?

The blooms on my hostas are starting to fade. Are we already there? The flowers that were so eager to show off not even a month ago find themselves in the first stage of wilting, grasping at their colors as they litter bed around them. Even the bed is starting to shows signs that the […]

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lazy days of summer

We’re deep into summer now. The 4th of July has come and gone, without much fanfare this time around. I’m ok with that. The dry year led to a ban of all fireworks for much of Oregon and I’m quite shocked, it remained quiet last weekend. Somewhere in a faraway neighborhood, someone decided to not […]

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it’s a hot one

Go on. I’ll give you a minute to get that earworm taken care of. It’s the kind of hot that ceases to feel any hotter even though the temperature keeps climbing. I’ve always joked that after 105 degrees, can you really even tell how hot it is other than f*cking HOT. Because the answer is […]

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I saw a funny little TikTok video today of someone ranting about how full their weekends are until the end of summer. We BEGGED for this last year. And yet, we’re BEGGING for people to stop booking up our calendars this year. It’s how it goes I suppose. We always want what we can’t have. […]

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the rain

The rain has returned. It’s cleansing more than anything. Okay, I take that back, it’s cleansing as much as it is a nuisance. I suppose the hopeful optimistic in my wants to go with cleansing. I never want to be a bummer and leaving it as a nuisance feels very borderline with bummer to me. […]

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left instead of right

It’s all very interesting… the directions this life takes us. A single real estate listing can lead you to pack up your house just a few months later. Browsing a job board when you aren’t seriously looking can have you moving across the country for a new opportunity. Opening the door when someone knocks might […]

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Oh hey June

And here we are. Summer. Or almost summer, rather. The temperature gauge hanging out over 90 degrees yesterday was screaming summer but the temps this upcoming weekend are still vibing back in spring. I’m okay with this. I’m not a summer person. Or, not completely a summer person. However, I’m much more willing to dip […]

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a return

This week has welcomed back an underlying sense of discontent. I had this feeling for a large portion of the pandemic… or rather, the part of the pandemic where I was unemployed and wasn’t sure where the next job would take us. As it sat with me the first day, I thought it might fade […]

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only one person

Hey live music fans! Have you checked your in-box lately? Mine seems to fill daily with news of concerts, fall tour announcements and lines-ups for my favorite festivals. My heart leaps with each new mail notification. LEAPS. I’m on the verge of happy tears with each email… my hand slowly dragging that mouse down to […]

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