only one person

Hey live music fans!

Have you checked your in-box lately?

Mine seems to fill daily with news of concerts, fall tour announcements and lines-ups for my favorite festivals. My heart leaps with each new mail notification.


I’m on the verge of happy tears with each email… my hand slowly dragging that mouse down to the “purchase tickets” link.

My sensible self stops me.

I’m only one person.

I can’t possibly load up September and October with live shows every week. My body is still in pandemic mode and I’m not sure I could physically manage that. We’ll be kicking concert season off a bit later than usual this year… packing up the car and making our pilgrimage to the Gorge Amphitheater for Labor Dave weekend (yes, I said “Dave” on purpose). My sister will be making her glorious return to the Gorge for that weekend this year and I’m beyond stoked. I’m already planning the freebies we’ll load up with to hand out to those camping around us, the menu is coming together, and I’m dreaming up the PERFECT group shirts to wear this year.

Yes. Group shirts. This thing is like Disney Land but full of people I can actually tolerate, free Jello shots from the campsite down the way and WAY fewer kids and strollers.

2 days after we return from 3 nights of the most perfect concerts at heaven’s amphitheater, we’ll pack back up to head to Bend for another concert… barely enough time to do laundry. We’re loosely planning to turn that into a long weekend where we’ll head back to the redwoods of Northern California for some camping and time gazing upon those giants disguised as trees.

Camping that weekend will also give us a valid excuse not to watch the Texas/Arkansas game that weekend. There is nothing more stressful than watching old rivals play football when you’re married to one of those old rivals. It’s best for the longevity of our relationship to just catch that score after the fact.

I kid.


This is where it gets fuzzy… there are more concerts in September/October than I can count on 2 hands that I’d LOVE to go see. I haven’t commit to any as of yet and October will see us jet setting to Denver for a 2 night show… can I handle more in 2021? I’m kind of holding out hope that a series of concerts will be announced for February that will take us to a beach in Mexico for 3 nights of shows. It’s a bucket list item and I’m ready to just do it. No more waiting for another pandemic to take live music away from me again. In anticipation of that announcement… I’ll wait for now.

The ‘purchase tickets’ link will have to hang out a bit.

But not for long.

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