5 minutes ago, I’d say the cake I referenced last week wasn’t spectacular.

I had to look that word up just now to see what level of impressive it pointed to.

1 of or like a spectacle; marked by or given to an impressive, large-scale display.
2 dramatically daring or thrilling: a spectacular dive from a cliff

So perhaps I should start this again… that cake I baked, it was spectacular.

It was beautiful, smelled amazing, presented on a ceramic platter I made by hand many, many years ago. Fresh fruit and whipped cream accompanied and beautiful plates of birthday celebration dessert were surely to follow.

And that’s where the spectacular ends. On the surface, it was amazing, inside, just slightly less so. The very center still pudding like in consistency, the texture heavy and lazy, the flavor slightly less impressive than the smell.

I wasn’t upset, just disappointed. I usually have practice before presenting anyone with something to eat. This was my first pound cake. I blame the recipe.

Other than that, it was very nearly the perfect weekend.

We had take out pizza from one of the local spots (who also happens to turn out some of the best pizza I’ve had out here, period).

We shared wine, but not the fancy kind (Christopher, if you’re reading this, I’m looking at you).

We laughed for hours on end about things I can’t recall at this point.

We warmed our tired souls in a hot tub just on the edge of the Sandy River.

We basked in the sun, our skin warming with its kiss it peeked through the clouds and tree cover.

We lazily spied on bald eagles and ospreys letting their wing span take our breath away.

We tried, and failed, to ignore the overly nosey, creepy neighbor guy.

We baked chicken legs in the oven when the grill wouldn’t work and pretended dinner was just as good as if it came from the grill.

This weekend held so much more for all of us than I have the energy to type out. Some weekends just hit. The getaways are perfect and the company divine. This was one of those weekends.

2 thoughts on “spectacular

  1. Sad times about the cake, but sounds like a pretty spectacular weekend to me!

  2. Ah yes, pretty spectacular all around. That cake randomly crossed my mind last night and I sent a few curse words into the universe directed at the person who published the recipe. I felt better afterwards. 🙂

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