it’s a hot one

Go on.

I’ll give you a minute to get that earworm taken care of.

It’s the kind of hot that ceases to feel any hotter even though the temperature keeps climbing. I’ve always joked that after 105 degrees, can you really even tell how hot it is other than f*cking HOT. Because the answer is no. I realized that sometime around 2pm yesterday.

We went from 105… to 108… peaking at 112. Today won’t provide relief. We’re already at 110 with 3 hours left until the expected high is recorded. It’s one of those ‘once in a millennium’ weather events. Lucky us. We’re here for history.

I’m tired of being here for history. If nothing monumental happens for the remainder of my days, I’ll be ok with that. History, take note, you’re done until I expire.

But all joking aside, I’m beyond thankful we had the foresight to include adding a working central AC unit into the offer on our current house to replace the model that I’m certain hadn’t run for over 15 years. It can’t completely keep up with this heat but I know we’re not as miserable as we might be in the majority of residences in the pacific northwest. They don’t have AC. Why should they? The summer average typically sits around 80 degrees.

Like I said, a ‘once in a millennium’ event.

I’m not sure if it’s the heat or just the grind of things coming out of a pandemic but I’m exhausted. Who’s with me? Oregon opens back up on Wednesday and I’m thrilled. Capacities will be lifted, mask mandates put away until a rainy day (yes, yes, Delta variant, I know, I know), and the people of Portland will once again flood to the brunch lines, tiny cocktail bars and seedy old clubs that masquerade as high end concert halls. 78% of me is packed up and ready to hit the town again. 22% of me wants to go back to bed. I imagine the next year will see me sitting somewhere around that mark until I’m used to the rush again. Sometimes just putting shoes on to go to the car is enough work for one day.

I’ll admit, however, that haircut I’m getting on Friday paired with those shoes that have been put away since the summer of 2019 are READY to hit up that tiny cocktail bar I mentioned before and my Resy app is filling up with reservations to our favorite places.

And we’re back!

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