5 minutes ago, I’d say the cake I referenced last week wasn’t spectacular. I had to look that word up just now to see what level of impressive it pointed to. spectacular adjective1 of or like a spectacle; marked by or given to an impressive, large-scale display.2 dramatically daring or thrilling: a spectacular dive from […]

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I looked down at my hands. They had pruned. The wrinkles holding onto the secrets shared just minutes before… or was it hours before, I wasn’t sure. The fire built earlier was barely more than glowing embers at this point serving as the only way to really know how long we’d been out here. What […]

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i baked a cake

We’re heading back into the woods to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Oh, well actually, yes… we’ve gone to the woods a few times already this year. Like I said in a previous post – I refuse to take our proximity to one of the most beautiful places on Earth for granted. So we’re heading back […]

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it’s easy really

Sometimes it’s easy. Words just come to me. I’m funny… or clever… or deep… maybe emotional. Sometimes I can tap into something that creates a spark in others and that’s what I’m usually looking for. A coworker once told me “that thing you posted on Facebook the other night, my wife and I laughed and […]

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We’ll be escaping soon. It’s something we didn’t do a lot of between March 2020 and February 2021 and it’s something I missed dearly when it just didn’t make sense to book a weekend away on Airbnb. It’s something I vowed to never take for granted again when I signed that employment contract at the […]

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take a seat

… we’ll be with you in a moment. I’m waiting. Or so it feels that way. I’m living my days in that feeling where something is about to happen. You can just sense things like that. Things keep happening but the feeling remains… yet to be extinguished. Starting a new job didn’t extinguish it. The […]

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within and out of reach

It’s been over two weeks since we watched the sun dip behind the horizon… staying to the end of the show watching the rays of light wrapping up their final performance for the day. I find a lot of peace out there… at the point where the often moody Pacific meets the fragile edge of […]

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it’s on

That feeling I thought I was supposed to have when getting my first vaccine shot the other day happened this morning. A tour I purchased tickets for in 2020 and have been sitting on hoping we’ll eventually get to use them was announced as a GO for 2021 this morning. Guys… concerts will happen in […]

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Yesterday was the day. I started the vaccination process we’ve all been busying ourselves with since January. Or was it February? Or perhaps December? I’ve lost track, only focusing on the announcement that I was finally eligible. Finding a vaccine site with an available appointment was one of the more maddening things I’ve done. This […]

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and for a moment

For a moment on Saturday, the pandemic didn’t exist. The day started out like many on the coast do. Slightly overcast, misty, cold… it’s the somber blanket many recall when they think of the Oregon coast. By late afternoon, the clouds broke and the sun peeked in an out of the clouds, flirting with those […]

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