Yesterday was the day.

I started the vaccination process we’ve all been busying ourselves with since January. Or was it February? Or perhaps December? I’ve lost track, only focusing on the announcement that I was finally eligible. Finding a vaccine site with an available appointment was one of the more maddening things I’ve done. This is coming from someone who buys a LOT of concert tickets via Ticketmaster and if you’ve been there, in the queue, then you know how maddening that is.

So yeah, this was up there in things I’d rather not have to do again.

I went from searching daily for an appointment, to getting on the list with my doctor’s office, getting an appointment, and then two days prior to the appointment getting the news that the specific vaccine I was going to get was paused and the wind was taken right out of my sails. After that, I went into autopilot to find a new appointment and when the time came…

I felt nothing.

All of the excitement I had to finally get stuck was gone. Perhaps it left with the news of the pause and the return to refreshing the available vaccine sites webpage every 3 minutes started again. People talk of how they got their first shot with tears in their eyes, cheering as they left the building, excited for the future, but I had nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to feel something or act a certain way. But we went on about our evening with dinner on the patio of what used to be our favorite restaurant (trying to hold on to that pre-pandemic feeling at a place that is almost completely different than it was 14 months ago) and searching through the bins at our favorite local record store.

Life carries on like that.

3 thoughts on “reaction

  1. I felt nothing as well, until the side-effects came. Fatigue, fever, etc… but after a couple of days I felt normal again. Honestly, I don’t feel any different from before I got it. I still have to wear a mask everywhere I go, I still have to social distance, there aren’t any exclusive movie theaters, or restaurants, or concerts where only vaccinated people can go to yet. So… I’ll just keep sitting at home in my sweatpants like I have been doing for a year now.

  2. I’m almost 24 hours in and no side effects yet… hoping I’m in the clear for this one. I hear #2 is the one to really look forward to. The mask wearing and distancing I’ll expect, I suppose I’m just not that emotional about the evolution of this entire thing as some people are. I’ll cry when I’m standing in front of a stage surrounded by thousands of strangers all dancing together for the first time since February 2020. That will be my moment.

  3. Totally agree. I wish I could be there with you to enjoy that moment together, along with thousands of our friends.

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