just like that

Summer is over.

Just like that.

The rain has returned.

Just like that.

It’s all washed away.

I posted a while back about how many shows we were going to this year. I was a big talker. We fell victim to the great concert tour announcement crash of 2021 and bought more than we really could handle… physically.

We’ve maybe been to half of what we had scheduled up to this point. NOW, granted, one was postponed and one was going on even though nearby wildfires left you smelling like a campfire (and after last September, I’m SO over that), but still.

If concert going was on our report card for 2021, we’d get “good try, but try harder next time” remark from our teacher.

I don’t see any issues with what we have left, however. The Denver trip in two weeks is booked and the NYC trip in November is booked, no backing out. Oh, and if you’re following along wondering what happened to Vegas, the NFL happened to Vegas and it’s no longer a fun, cheap weekend trip so we’re cutting our losses. $750 a night for a hotel and $1800 round trip flight for 2? No thanks. We’ll catch St. Paul and the Broken Bones and Fitz and the Tantrums another time.

The Gorge weekend was great. I should have popped on here to talk about it when we returned from the week away but alas, I’m terrible at that kind of thing. There is so much to say about that weekend – from the “alternate format” due to band members having a brush with COVID to the people I met for the first time that I had only known online during the pandemic to precious time away with my husband and sister and to the people I saw wearing my jewelry designs all over the place… my heart filled up.

My soul smiled.

It was good to be back to that environment.

People hugged, cheeks were kissed, was it safe to do that during the pandemic? Eh. Who knows. My vaccine did the job and I’ve been healthy since. I hope the same for all who went. I wouldn’t have traded that weekend for anything.

And so we march, into fall, 2 fabulous vacation trips on the horizon, lots of fall chores, and the promise of my favorite season of the year just around the corner.

I’m ready.

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