stream of consciousness

We started watching Fargo last week.

The series.

Not the movie.

I could almost recite the movie by heart. But I digress. We started watching the series last week because, like always, we’re very late to the TV show game. Let’s just get my opinion of it out of the way. So far, I really like it. I like comically dark things, though, so that was a given.

Each time we turn it on, I think back to the woodchipper scene in the movie. And then I think back to high school when that was playing on the TV at the local pizza buffet on a Friday night where a lot of band members would hang out post football game. It was that scene that brings this memory. A room full of band kids, watching a body get chopped to bits, while eating pizza that just barely tasted better than cardboard and drinking way too much soda and yelling across the room at each other about what plans needed to be made for the weekend.

Fridays were off the hook in the late 90s.

And then I think back to the good pizza buffet we’d eat at my first year of high school. Maybe it closed and that’s why we weren’t there when watching Fargo… I can’t remember that fact and Google isn’t very helpful when it comes to pizza places open in Euless, TX in 1996. Or maybe it is, honestly, I didn’t Google that. I have better things to do. I think it was called Flying Tomato… there was also one in Denton, TX where the cool college kids hung out. I do remember that much.

It seems like ages ago, probably because it was ages ago. But each time we turn it on, I’m back at those two pizza buffets. The good one is where I offically got my first boyfriend my sophomore year (yes, maybe late to the BF/GF game too – I was an outspoken teen and I’m sure most boys found me intimidating in jr. high). He was a red head, played saxophone, asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream sometime, I said yes, and the next day, multiple people said we were “going out” but, really, we were going to go out to get ice cream but who knows how that works.

So boyfriend and girlfriend it was.

We stayed that way for a solid 6 weeks. He sat next to me at my surprise sweet 16 birthday party. I hung out and watched movies on his couch while he wrestled with his best friend on the floor. I bought him cologne for Christmas. He bought me a really nice TY teddy bear I’d wanted. Then we broke up. I don’t think either one of us were sad about it. I really do think he only meant to invite me to ice cream and I only meant to go get ice cream. And maybe he wished he was wrestling his best friend on the floor without me in the room.

We’ll never really know.

These aren’t memories that hung out in the front of my brain regularly until we moved on to Fargo last week. Funny how that works.

OH – we also went white water rafting a couple of weekends ago. I suppose that is the more interesting part of this post. A friend visited from Arkansas specifically to float a river. I was tasked to find said river. That shouldn’t be too hard in Oregon, right? Tons of rivers. Tons of rafting. Tons of rapids. But we weren’t the only ones wanting to hit the river that weekend. Thankfully, we managed to find one outfit with room for three. It proved to be a fun day. Lots of class 2-3 rapids, and one class 4 (which I opted out of – because I’m chicken and don’t wish to die on the river).

The first class 3 rapid did me in. Pulled me right out of the boat and I was paralyzed by fear for a solid 2 minutes. I was like a wet cat when they pulled me back into the boat and I’m pretty sure my knee (the one that I tore in 1998 and the leg I broke in 2015) didn’t stand up to that surprise dip in the river. Thankfully, I rallied and the rest of the day was fantastic, the views unparalled, and the water cool and clear.

Will I do that again?

Not sure.

But I’m glad I did it once. And honestly, I’m glad I was pulled in to the river once. In the end, it wasn’t that bad, even if my knee still hasn’t forgiven me.

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