With these idyll hands

I welcome you to my blog!

In an effort to maintain daily craftiness and creativity, I have started this blog which will be solely devoted to my endeavors in crafting, gardening, and cooking. Of course, during the cooler months which are approaching quite quickly, this will focus mainly on my love of crafting and cooking, but as the months turn warmer, much of my attention will fall on my garden.

I knit. Currently, I knit scarves and beaded, wire bracelets. After I finish a custom bracelet order for an Etsy customer, I plan on learning to knit socks. I have the book, I have the needles, and I have the sock yarn, I just need to learn the process. If given the choice between a nice scarf, bracelet, or warm socks, I’d choose the socks – so it only makes sense that I tackle that project next.

I began knitting almost 3 years ago. What started out as a hobby for handmade accessories for myself and eventually gifts for friends and family has turned into a small money maker. The knit scarves led to beaded knit wire bracelets which led to my participation in a couple of craft fairs and Etsy.com. You can check out my shop at idyllhands.etsy.com.

Stay tuned as I document my crafting/cooking/gardening journey here at knittinghands.blogspot.com

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