It’s not crafting…

but I’m sure it will help my crafting. This is currently my workspace (and my Schmoo kitty underneath my workspace). I’m hoping that by the end of this weekend, I can post a picture of very organized and very creative area. I have everything together – my Etsy shop, my jewerly making, my knitting (even the yarn is nicely put away in plastic bins) but my workspace is AWFUL! I only need to do three things to make it more pleasing – 1. Organize the bedside table that you see in black and white off to the side and move it under the sewing table. 2. Clean off the top of my desk. 3. See, I can’t think of a 3rd, I have no excuse not to do this on Saturday… scratch that, Sunday (Saturday will be reserved for working in the yard).

Tomorrow evening is dedicated to making more pink earrings (I sold mine and need more before my Etsy showcase on Saturday) and taking photos of my scarves and listing them on Etsy. I need to sell those things so I can have excuses to make neck warmers. I bought buttons for the neck warmers… or scarflettes if you want to be cute… but need to move the scarves out so I don’t have a ton of winter, neck accessories laying around.

Now I’m off to treat myself to a gifty from Etsy. I’ve accumulated a nice amount in Paypal from some sales and need to spend a bit so I don’t get grumpy.

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