Today was a day of accomplishment. First off, I cleaned like no woman has ever cleaned before. I re-caulked my bathtub because the last person to do it used the wrong stuff and it was NASTY (I hate nasty when it comes to the bathroom… or any room of the house for that matter). I also rid the 2nd story of my house of every cat hair it contained. That took quite some time and quite a lot of Swiffering, but I think I’m cat hair free… for the moment.

Next was some work in the garden. I pulled up old veggies, picked some veggies that think it’s still August, and found a melon (see above picture). I was quite happy with the melon. It is one that hasn’t fruited all summer so I’m hoping it doesn’t hit freezing for a couple more weeks so this little guy has a chance to hit my breakfast place… ripe.

I then moved on to the daily improvement of my Etsy shop by rephotographing some of my scarves. I would have done all of them but the sun wasn’t on my side tonight (it set before I was finished). You can see the new pictures at

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