Thanks to too much time in the forums

I spent most of my evening in the Etsy forums chatting, browsing, getting ideas, giving ideas, and knitting bracelets. I finished 3 tonight and will post them tomorrow (I need more “S” hooks before I’ll be done with them). I’m pleased that I was semi-social and quite productive. People in the thread seemed hard pressed to believe that I was knitting and chatting, so I’m posting the pics here to prove that I was being productive!

I’ll be doing some volunteer work in the morning through lunch, but after that, I’ll be getting pictures of these bracelets, redoing some photos of old ones, and posting them on Etsy. I think I might even venture into repricing the bracelets (I’ve been told they are too low) and making a sterling silver bracelet. I’ve had a good week there – quite a few sales, tons of Hearts, I’m feeling good about November.

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