Slightly off topic

I’m warning you, BeadedBombshell introduced me to embedding YouTube into blogs today…

Okay, I think I mentioned that this blog was dedicated to crafting and baking… or maybe just crafting (I can’t remember) BUT I need to take a post to leave the norm and discuss something just as dear to my heart… if not a bit more. Music. The one thing about Christmas after the meaning and time with family and friends that really gets me going is Christmas music. I love it all, traditional, modern, slightly off kilter, it’s all great to me. A few years ago my favorite band, Barenaked Ladies, released Barenaked for the Holidays. It’s great, there are Christmas songs and Hanukkah songs (hence the “Holidays”). It’s not too traditional…

Ah, Steven Page… if I were single (and he wasn’t married with children), I’d go find him for myself.

And speaking of not too tradition, I also have a thing for Tran-Siberian Orchestra. I saw them in concert a few years ago and had the chance to see them again this year, but the weather Gods were against me this time. So a video to get me through until next year (not the best quality, but it shows the show pretty well)…

And just because they deserve one more clip…

Ignore that it isn’t Christmasy and ignore the pleated shorts and man vests… it was the 90s, we all had a hard time back then. And to prove that this really does have something to do with artistry and crafting, I present to you a drawing by Kevin Hearn, their keyboardist/accordion player/mandolin… and whatever else he’ll pick up to play:

Hopefully I’ll be back to crafting and blogging about it tomorrow.

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