To Do List

parsley found in my garden last week – it blooms!

I sat down tonight to package up some bracelets to ship out and started to work on some earrings. That’s when it happened, I sat there for about 3 minutes just starting at my crafting table. I didn’t want to make anything tonight – not a single thing. I decided to walk away and come browse the internet for the next great thing. I’m sure I’ll regret that decision this weekend when I find myself face to face with the following “to do” list (you’d think that’s all I do on the weekends, finish lists):

1. Print necklace cards
2. Print earring cards (perhaps design and then print, but I have high hopes of designing them tomorrow)
3. Make a few more bracelets in silver tones – I have a plethora of copper ones ready to go
4. Make a few more necklaces
5. Put hinges on the shutters for my jewelry display at the shop
6. Cook in my mom’s newly remodeled kitchen
7. Sleep in
8. Go look at knobs for my mom’s newly remodeled kitchen
9. Read the rest of Craft Inc.
10. Oh, make some earrings.

It might sound like a lot but I think I can do a lot of that on Friday night and have the rest of the weekend for some free time (like the cooking and sleeping bit).

Tomorrow I’m heading to an American Red Cross luncheon because I seem to think I have a lot of free time that needs to be filled with volunteering. Huh, I wonder where I got that idea?

4 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. I vote that you do number 7. I love that you put “sleeping in” on the to-do list! Then you can sleep in AND cross something off your list. Genius!!

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