Tuckered Out

Guess what blog fans, I’m T-I-R-E-D. I spent half of yesterday cleaning up the new place, then the entire evening was spent moving a couple of truck loads and looking for a new TV (don’t ask, I don’t get why we need one either). Today I worked a full day up at the Arts Center and packed some boxes and moved another couple of loads. While my car doesn’t fit as much as the Sweet Boy’s truck, I feel like I took a lot over. I took over almost all of my clothes, all of our hanging pictures, the wine, some odds and ends that just needed to go, and some more kitchen stuff. It’s finally looking like we’re moving here in the old place.

I took out in my new front yard tonight and just listened. I didn’t hear the fire trucks that I’ve grown used to living down the street from a new station, I didn’t hear the motorcycles street racing down the highway and I didn’t hear the jacob breaks of the 18 wheelers pulling into town. I just heard night sounds. Tree frogs, crickets, other night bugs, and quiet. It was nice, I’m really going to love the new place.

I received a few custom orders today and I just happened to pack up the crafting stuff a couple of nights ago. I’ll get that moved over tomorrow and unpacked so I can get the order made and photographed by Saturday afternoon. My customers are first in line when it comes to my schedule, so moving can depend on the Sweet Boy while I craft away.

And with that, I listed the gem you see above tonight and goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Tuckered Out

  1. I enjoy your fun and carefree design style. You create such good looking jewelry that I can’t wait to see what’s next!-AnnaLee in Torontohttp://gahooletreedesigns.blogspot.com

  2. “I just heard night sounds. Tree frogs, crickets, other night bugs, and quiet.”Oh gosh, how I long for that sound.We live in a quaint quiet culdesac that doesn’t get much unwelcomed traffic, but we also live near a high-way… so although we don’t have much traffic on our street, we still hear it night and day… I’ve learned to tune it out, but gosh do I dream of the day we move into a quieter place to call home.♥

  3. It’s just amazing that I’m moving back into town to hear those sounds. While I live on the edge of town for one more night, I also live right on a pretty major trucking highway. Fun fun fun. One more night here and then the clothes and shoes (that makes it final) are going over to the new place. I’ll post pics!

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