Moving Complete

It’s official, I’m blogging from the new place. Now I can quit talking about moving and start complaining about the mess of stuff in the new place. I don’t think I knew I had as much stuff as I do. I knew the small kitchen at this place would be a challenge since my last kitchen was a bit larger than HUGE… however, it seems like all of the spaces are going to be a challenge. Ah well, I enjoy a good challenge.

I do have the kitchen functioning, well, as functioning as it needs to be for scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. The crock pot is cooking tonight’s dinner, so I can’t really say the kitchen is ready for a gourmet dinner, but soon… very soon. I also have my crafting corner almost up and running. It’s good for making things but not completely all unpacked. The view above is the window above my crafting area. The entire room I’ll be working out of is an old sleeper/sun porch. It’s wall to wall windows that all open up when the weather is nicer for a great breeze. So far it’s MUCH better than the view from my old crafting area, which was a wall.

I’ll get more pictures up as the rooms start to take shape. I love this part of moving in!

4 thoughts on “Moving Complete

  1. Oh yay! I’m so excited for you!I have my desk next to the window too, and sometimes I question if this is the *best* way to have the furniture in here… but I don’t care, because I love being able to look out the window!Can’t wait to see what else you come up with… *hugs*♥Janell

  2. Sounds like you’ve got it covered. A semi-working kitchen and a crafting corner – what else do you need???

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