You Will Be Missed

I received a phone call this afternoon from the husband of an Etsy friend. She has been sick lately and I didn’t want to call him back because I knew what the news would be. I did call him back though, he asked me to, and the news was as expected. Julie Anne of DiamondMeenuh Creations passed away yesterday. She was one of the most spirited, bright, positve, friendly, warm, cheerful, and interesting people I have met… ever.

I had the pleasure of meeting her this past May when she had a gathering at her place for some local Etsy members. Not only did we get the chance to meet her at the gathering, but also her birds and Elsie, her cow car. It was one of those moments that really puts the word “community” into perspective. We didn’t know each other away from Etsy and the internet, but she invited us into her home and made us some of the most delicious food and some handmade goodies.

Her presence in the Etsy forums and in the AREtsy group will be greatly, greatly missed.

3 thoughts on “You Will Be Missed

  1. Thank you so much for posting this tribute, Erin. This is such a tremendous loss for everyone whose life was touched in any way by Julie Anne. I’m so sad that, at the moment, the photos aren’t loading. I’ll be back later to look again. I’m sure they’re wonderful.

  2. It was the photos from the yahoo group – I can’t even view the photos through the group right now. I’m hoping its just a glitch with the website.

  3. Awww… hunney, that’s so sad. I’m so sorry. *sigh*We get so close to people here on etsy, and you are so right about the sense of community, near or far. I don’t know what I would do if I heard that i’d lost any of you… *hugs*:(Maybe in a few days, call her husband back and see if he needs help with anything… That’s so sad. ♥

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