Me want, me want!

Found today at

This is BRILLIANT. All I need are some shelves and guess what I’m doing to the guest room? Yup, making it into a yarn storage heaven.

I currently store my yarn in bins under the bed. Every time I pull it out to get another skein out, I gasp at the beauty the yarn hides in the bin. The colors are vivid, the textures are amazing, and it’s the loveliest thing in my crafting collection. However, would displaying my yarn leave me feeling ashamed for the amounts of acrylic yarns that I have? I do have a lot of wool, handspun yarn, but sometimes you just want something cheap… and easy.

Okay, so maybe I won’t do this project. Any other suggestions for storing yarn?

4 thoughts on “Me want, me want!

  1. Ooooooo. Coooool. I don’t know if I could actually work in a studio that neat and organized, though. I need a little chaos. (That’s my excuse.)

  2. I like cheap and easy too. And the Vanna’s Choice yarns have some pretty colors. Don’t feel ashamed! As long as I’m normal, you are normal… That organization is awesome.

  3. hehehe… cheap and easy – two words that describe most of my life lately!!! Display your cheap and easy, and be proud of it…

  4. With the thousands of MOTHS that keep getting into my house, I have buried all my yarn deep into the back of my closet, covered with layers of sheets and anything else I could find to cover it up. Every once in a while, I go and stick my hand in the wooly bin…..:0)

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