Best Day for Mail EVER

After spending a day at a retreat with my coworkers, I came home to find this little jewel on my coffee table.

Denise Felton is a fellow crafter from Arkansas and a member of the AREtsy Street Team. I love her work and have kept my eye on her shop for almost a year. Because of all of the other artwork I own, wall space is hard to come by, so I was waiting for the PERFECT piece for me. I needed a piece that sang to me, that represented me, that told the world how awesome it was, and that rocked. Today Denise put that piece into my hands.

I had dared her to do a bassoon piece a while back not thinking anything would come of it (that’s not saying anything about Denise, just about the bassoon), but sure enough, here it is. My little, tiny bassoon wonder.

I think more than I love the bassoon, I love the expression on her face. Judging by the expression, I’m sure that her conductor just told her she would have to double on the contra-bassoon part for a few songs at the next concert. That’s never easy for a lady, especially a lady in a skirt.

Run over and get your own amazing piece of art from Denise’s shop here: Denise Felton

8 thoughts on “Best Day for Mail EVER

  1. ooooo…..I’m a little jealous of it. I love it.Denise is so creative and this piece is perfect for you.

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