And I’m Spent

I just spent the better part of today running around gathering supplies for the craft show, setting said supplies up, battling rain, battling mud puddles 3 inches deep, avoiding not getting my mom’s van stuck in the mud, driving, eating mediocre Chinese food, shopping, cutting out signs, and organizing. This weeks craft show is going down in the books as exhausting.

I usually haunt the local craft shows with my mom and my sister. As you know, my mom won’t be up to sitting at a booth for 3 days and my sister is taking care of her (actually, she got in for a 2nd opinion down at UAMS in Little Rock with a top notch neuro surgeon, so they are headed down there tomorrow). Having 2 other people to craft fair with really does help you. You just have to worry about 1/3 of what you need to bring and you also have help putting up the tent and tables. Not today. Today I had to do it all. I almost asked for help, but how silly would that have been? Pretty silly. I can do a lot of things on my own, and this was one of them. The tent was pretty easy – the tables, however – not so much. They are the heavy, particle board tables that you see in schools, not a nice, light plastic one. It was muddy out so I couldn’t really set them down to unfold them, so you can paint a nice picture of my struggles to set up tables. Eventually I got it and eventually I got everything out. I’ll be sure to take pictures so you can all be impressed with my mad skills.

Today did bring one amazing thing to the table. It’s fall guys. It got cold today (that’s how it works up here, nice one day, cold the next) and the trees were BEAUTIFUL on the way through the Bella Vista country side. I hope to take pictures of that as well. I’ll have to dig out some warm clothes to wrap up in for the mornings this week because I’m sure it will be a few feet on the other side of comfortable as far as cold goes in the mornings.

Because the fair is about 50 minutes away, I reserved a hotel room here for tomorrow night. I had a freebie because my job has perks, so I took advantage of it. Perhaps I’ll take my computer and post wonderful things from the hotel room, or perhaps I’ll take a book instead and just enjoy the quiet. Either way, a night in the hotel will be a mini-vacation and it will be fabulous.

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