6 random items

I was tagged by Rivulette the other day so here I go playing along…

Rulies McRulertons:
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3. Write six random things about yourself. (See below)
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Random things about yours truly:
1. I *heart* Indian food just about as much as I *heart* Italian food. I had forgotten until this week how much I love the stuff. I used to eat it almost weekly in Austin. I either had it for dinner at Star of India or went to the food court at Dobie and had it there for lunch. I found a restaurant in Little Rock while here this week (another Star of India… it’s a popular restaurant name I suppose) and ate there twice. Yes, I had Indian food twice this week and I’m paying for it now.

2. I don’t have a gall bladder. Yup, they ripped it out of me RIGHT after finals and RIGHT before graduation my last year of college. It made for some rough finals, but I think my teachers took pity on me and threw those tests out. I made sure and wore my ER bracelet that I had during my French final to prove I was in a bad way. I’ve decided it’s not an important organ and I survived Indian food twice this week (first time since they took it away from me) so I suppose I’ll survive the rest of my days without it.

3. I’m highly organized and have a system for life but I’m not anal. I don’t like things being out of order or in disarray. I know where things are, I know where things need to be, and I like it that way.

4. I didn’t know I wanted to “craft” until just a few years ago. I always had a box of art supplies (nice water colors, nice pastels, nice colored pencils, nice paper, etc – always nice, never cheapo) but I didn’t keep up with things until I took up knitting. Knitting yarn led to knitting wire bracelets which led to making other jewelry which led back to knitting yarn and then on to spinning the stuff. I love it. If I could do that all day every day, I’d be set.

5. The town I live in is too small for me. I’ve visiting a few larger cities this past year (no, I’m not talking about NYC or San Francisco – although, those places are nice too) and realized I’m too big for where I live. It’s beautiful, it’s lovely, I love it, and all of those things, but opportunity is limited. I need something slightly larger and my next life plan is figuring out either how to get there or how to find more opportunity where I am.

6. I used to want a traditional wedding, but now I’m not so sure. I love, love, love my sweet boy and for the first time, I don’t need to prove that to 100 people while wearing a $500 white dress. I want to do something for us – that is us – and that leaves us money for other things (like a fabu honeymoon in Europe?). I just don’t have to show everyone that I can spend a lot of money on wedding favors.

There you go – 6 wonderfully, random things about me.

I shall tag the following people:

2 thoughts on “6 random items

  1. thanks for playing along! I’m not all that into the idea of a fru-fru wedding- it gets so overdone sometimes that the important stuff gets trampled in lace, fancy dresses, and people you hardly know anyway.

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