I’ve been busy

Okay okay, so I haven’t been paying attention to my blog in well over a week but I’ve got a good reason.

See, I’ve been busy. Spinning is getting easier and easier for me which makes me want to do it more and more. It also helps that people buy it so there is even more motivation behind the spinning. Yes, money for Christmas presents is a strong, strong motivator.

I’ve also been working on getting my stuff ready to sell up at Walton Arts Center this month. My lovely goodies will be on display with a few other local artists in the gallery up at work during all public performances of A Christmas Carol (closed today), CeCe Winans, and Spamalot. That is a lot of traffic and hopefully I’ll sell out of items. Sure, that might mean and empty Etsy shop, but I’ll be sure to fill it up again.

I’ve also been sick all week with a cold. This one has really beat me. I spent many hours at home on the couch when I should have been at work, but I think it’s finally on the decline – so wish me well.

Well, I’m off to watch some more storm chasers and spin some more yarn.

3 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. Dude, I was at an Alliance (Scott and White’s residency spouse program) function last night. I could have sworn Veronica Vacula (aka Veronica Jones from TBS) was wearing a pair of your earrings. I could be wrong, but they were a spitting image of of one of your holiday pairs.

  2. Your yarn is so beautiful! I love the colors… makes me want to learn to knit really bad! I started to learn once upon a time, but I’ve pretty well forgotten it all now.

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