Possible Closures Reported

It seems as though we have some doomsday type weather heading our way here in NW Arkansas (and part of Oklahoma and Missouri). 1-2″ of ice, power outages, yadda yadda yadda. The clip above doesn’t sound doomsdayish – but people have been out of their freakin’ minds while shopping for supplies and the news hasn’t exactly helped the situation at all.

Now, now, I know what you northerners are saying “anytime it just hints of cold weather, people down south do the freak out dance”. Let me tell you, 1-2″ of ice isn’t the same as snow or cold weather. We’re talking ice rink conditions out there people. I live in a very hilly place and the last thing I want to do is test the traction on my very old and slightly balding tires while heading west on North street (if you are from around here, then you know which street I’m referring to).

If the power does go out then I’ll feel badly for those with electric stoves and no blankets – but I’ve got a gas stove, plenty of cans of soup, and blankets enough for the entire block.

Bring it on.

7 thoughts on “Possible Closures Reported

  1. Yeah, they’re predicting some icy weather down here, too. Just not as much as in your corner of the state. I love (actually, I don’t) how people use bad weather coming as an opportunity to stock, like, four months of supplies. And usually that ends up being the day that I run out of something important, like coffee, and have to fight the crazies to make a caffeine run.

  2. Breads and milk!!! Get your breads and milks. If my all electric apt. power goes out I might be coming over to huddle around your stove.

  3. I’ve lived up north an when I first moved down here I thought the same thing “chill out people” but the difference is in the south they don’t have all the equipment around to deal with this kind of weather.Hope no one loses power and it’s just a nice icy break in the week!

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