Good Things

A Twitter peep of mine (Xiane_org) mentioned something about talking about things that are good in life. I thought for a moment, albeit an extended moment, about the upcoming gardening season. I have been very excited about that lately. Today’s beautiful weather only made the anticipation that much worse (because I know, even though it is warm today, we still have some cold left in the season).

Thinking about my spring garden was the first thing today to relax me. So I thought I’d blog about some “good in life” things.

1. Gardening. Does this even need an explanation? The feeling of dirt between your fingers, the coolness of the earth as you dig holes for your plants, the excitement that comes when you notice your first basil sprouts or when you dill starts to look like, well, dill… I could go on and on.

2. Cat naps. I’m not one of those to just sit down and sleep in the afternoon. My cat naps have to be perfect, almost more perfect than my sleep at night has to be. I have to have a certain blanket and pillow placement and the light has to be just right, but when all of those things are arranged, my cat naps are my favorite part of the weekend.

3. Cook books. I have a thing for cook books and squeal with excitement when I get one for a gift. The pictures, the fancy recipes and the promise of amazing food are enough to make me happy. Oh, I could cook something out of them, but that’s just icing on the cake. The cook books are enough for me.

4. My mom. She should be first on this list. I honestly didn’t think she’d be around right now to enjoy her company. But she’s strong and screw cancer, she’s still here. That is more than good in life, that is great in life.

5. My craft desk. It sits in the corner of our sun porch and overlooks the alley way. Not exactly a picturesque view, but it’s lovely all the same. I can spy on neighbors, watch birds, enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun and make jewelry until my hands cramp up, it’s a wonderful little spot.

6. Austin, TX. When I first moved to Austin (to stay, the first, first time doesn’t count). I didn’t feel as though that was my home. When people asked where I was from, I would tell them the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Over the course of my time there, that changed and Austin became home. I did a lot of growing up there and experienced 3 of the hardest times in my life there – a lot of changes happened and while I would change a couple of those things if I could, I wouldn’t change my time in Austin. I cry every time I go back there because I miss it so – I love it and the friends there.

I could list more – family (the cute girl in the picture above is my niece over 4 years ago), friends, boyfriend, pets, etc – but those are obvious. If they weren’t nice things in my life, I’d cast them away. I don’t waste my time with bad seeds who get me down. My Sweet Boy, siblings and friends are incredible – you don’t need me going on about you 🙂

So there you have it – good in life things.

4 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. "I don't waste time with the bad seeds…"Yes yes yes. That's the words I needed. Look at that gift you just gave me! ❤

  2. Good things none of your siblings are bad seeds, huh? Or at least, you weren’t around to know them when they were… hehehe.

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