Until the smoke clears…

I don’t think I’ve blogged about the topic of dreams before. It’s not something I think you would find interesting if I just woke up each morning and started writing about this dream I had where I was back at On The Border in Bedford, TX as a waitress but the menu had been changed over night and the sections of tables had been switched about and I couldn’t find the drink machine OR the salsa to give to my tables – AAAAAAAHHHH! No, I don’t usually blog about dreams.

However… last night’s dream was so vivid, so long, so frustrating and so odd that I just have to blog about it.

I was with my mom but she lived in a nice little neighborhood with houses next to each other, nice yards, trees, near shopping centers, just a typical suburb of Dallas that I was raised in, but we were here, in Arkansas. There were reports that a HUGE fire had broken out just one town over. Houses everywhere were damaged, business gone, it was a war zone. Word was it was on its way to our town.

We needed to prepare… and fast.

I started raking up all of the dead and dry leaves and getting them stuffed down the storm drains (’cause in the dream, that was a safe place for the dry leaves). I then started moving dry stick, mowing dry grass, etc etc etc. Anything that was dry could burn and get to the house, so dry stuff had to go.

It was at this point that my mom came outside and said “we have to move the furniture in” and I looked around the yard and it was covered in HUGE wooden furniture. Chests, tables, beds, big things, wooden things, things that had to go into the garage. The more I moved in, the more it piled up outside – baskets appeared out of no where, piles of wood, cardboard boxes, it all would have to be moved.

I suppose at some point, I got it all in the garage, because I decided I needed to drive to get my sister to bring her to my moms. I got a few miles up the road all the while passing storm drains that had HUGE black clouds and pillars of smoke pouring out of them and passing shopping centers that were also pouring huge black pillars of smoke out of the doors. Everything was on fire. Soon I got to a spot in the road blocked by fallen trees (similar to what the ice storm did here in January). I couldn’t get to my sister and I’d have to turn around.

I got home, told my mom what I saw (smoke, stores on fire, etc) and helped her move some more wooden stuff around.

Then the alarm went off and I woke up. I couldn’t even snooze for 9 more minutes like I normally do, I was shaken. That was my dream. I’m glad I wrote it down as I think it would start to leave me as the day goes on.

6 thoughts on “Until the smoke clears…

  1. Thanks for trying to get me, it’s the thought that counts. ;)The furniture in the yard is the weirdest. Maybe your subconscious is telling you you have too much Stuff? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Freud believed that we work through things in our dreams. So the crazier/more harrowing/disturbing your dreams, really the more sane and happy you will be during the day…(I used to be a psychologist…)

  3. Feeling a smidge stressed these days? I hate those dreams where you work work work all night long and when the alarm rings you swear you couldn’t possibly have slept yet!

  4. Wow that does sound like a shaking dream! When I have dreams like that I always wonder if there’s some thing in my real life that I’m trying to process in my mind… but then sometimes too, I settle on things… ‘just’ being dreams.;)

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