A new spring dress

Well folks, I think you’re going to start seeing a new look around these parts. I’m ready for something new when I go check out my blog, new colors, new layout, new banner, just new. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I want to do something. It’s mediocre, at best, right now, and I want it to be fabulous – so stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “A new spring dress

  1. Ohhh can’t wait to see it! It’s fun to change things up now and then…I’ve been pondering the same thing, but I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do yet.I tried wordpress out of curiosity, but it’s too complicated for my simple mind, so i’ve been reading up on various tweeks you can do to blogger.convo me if you have anything you want to know, I’ve bookmarked all the tutorials of the things I’ve done so far. The menu buttons at the top, the center columns, the 3 column layout, how to remove the ‘blogger’ toolbar from the top, how to change the blogger logo in your address bar to something else, etc… *hugs*

  2. Ohhhh – I’m sure I’ll be sending you a convo this weekend then. I’ve tried wordpress too and like blogger MUCH better, but there are still walls I hit when trying to make it purdy!

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