I remember now…

Dear Life,

Just in case you think you distracted me with thoughts of gardening and trips to Minneapolis for my brother’s Law School graduation, think again. I remembered last night that it wasn’t too long ago that I used to spin at least every other day. You almost got me this time, Life, but I remembered… oh yes, I remembered.



All it took to remember was a glimpse of a sample batt created by MaraJane over at Etsy. Some conversation between a few people on Twitter about corespinning had me collecting up the sample batt and some core yarn in no time. I spun this lovely sample up and it’s so soft and the texture is really fabulous. There is just a bit of sparkle in there for some extra fun. I’ve also spun up some roving from this shop and I love it all and it comes highly recommended by me. I have a few other mini batts that I’ve collected over the past year or so and I think they are all going to get spun up this way. It’s a great way to show off just a bit of fiber.

And oh yeah, that trip to Minneapolis I mentioned above comes one week too late to visit a fiber festival that both MaraJane and Cloudlover (two of my fave fiberistas) will be selling at. Curse you travel Gods, curse you! I suppose I’ll find other things to do while up in the Twin Cities… like maybe visit my brother? 🙂

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