I’m feeling the need for a makeover. No, no, not on my face or in my closet (however, Stacy and Clinton – if you are reading this, What Not to Wear can come to Fayetteville whisk me way whenever it wants to), but with one of my Etsy shops.

Woolyhands is where my main focus is right now. I’ve got Idyllhands looking like I want and just need to get some new things photographed – but other than that, it’s good to go. But Woolyhands is my problem child. I see some yarn/wool shops on Etsy that I can identify just by seeing a picture of their item. I need to come up with a style of photography for my yarn and my roving. I think I might try and work on that this weekend – perhaps I just need to design a super cool label to use for everything and incorporate it into my pictures somehow? I’m not sure… I’ll have to think on it.

I also need to get some more roving dyed up PRONTO. I’m running a bit of a sale (let me know if you want to know what it is) in my shop through this weekend to clear out some old stuff and make room for the loads of new stuff I’m going to dye up tomorrow. Some old colorways that do well and some new ones I have up in my head. I haven’t dyed in weeks and I’m really looking forward to pulling all of my dyes out.

And for those who wished me luck at the boutique sale – thank you! It went very well and I sold quite a bit of jewelry and even sold a yarn. I take my yarn to these things not really expecting to sell it since it requires a specific market (unlike jewelry). It’s always excited to sell a yarn to someone who doesn’t go “ooooh, kind of pricey”.

Well, Friday is upon us – it’s beautiful outside, and I’m not sure why I’m sitting here blogging. I’m heading out!

3 thoughts on “Makeover

  1. It takes time to develop a look/feel to an etsy shop, and just when you think you’ve got it… you change your mind again. At least, that’s how it works for me… hehee…I LOVE the picture you posted of your yarn, in this blog post… go with that style. It’s great!:D

  2. hi erinwoolly shops are hard to brand. mostly because, like dancingmooney said, i like to change my look seasonally! i'm always rotating different themes & styles- much like a big brick & mortar store would. i find it comes thru having all your listings in an identical format + a color or a theme used throughout + in the hangtags + your etsy banner. i like to carry mine through fonts/typefaces. and the use of neutrals to make my colors pop. since brights are my cup of tea! hope that helps!

  3. Y’all are both awesome! I suppose my feeling to redo my shop every 4 months is something we all experience 🙂 I’ve got my font picked out – so if my pics change every few months, so be it. At least my font is constant.I might have to redo my banner though 🙂

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