See this…

I make it now!

Okay – sorry about the poor attempt to reference my favorite, still to this day, SNL clip.

But I make them now! I blogged a few posts ago about a batt that made me fall in love with all things wool. It only seemed appropriate that I eventually learn to do them myself. I purchased a used Strauch Petite drum carder on Ravelry about a week and a half ago. It came in a few days ago and I’ve been in love ever since. My first couple of batts were not overly colorful and didn’t photograph well, so into my spinning pile they went.

However, the next 4 batts are tugging at my heart strings. They are fluffy, textured, colorful, soft and oh so lovely. I’ve already got more wool on the stove dying up in a variety of colors so I can card more batts. I can already tell, this is going to take up much of my time.

It’s Friday – it’s Fiber – it’s Fiber Arts Friday! Be sure to go check out the other lovely, fiber related posts:

6 thoughts on “See this…

  1. um… yeah, can do screw something up once in a while to make the rest of us feel better about ourselves? Okay, thanks. :)(love the tropical fish name!!)

  2. Gotta agree with Punkinhead. You are so talented and just – WOW! Loving your work always. Thanks for sharing it with Fiber Arts Friday! You rock.

  3. my background is in painting. as a spinner now, the most fun i have is in making the batts. laying down a base colour is like priming a canvas. and then going at it with colour and texture and glitter. it's a rush!

  4. Hey Island – I was just thinking that last night. I had my wool all laid around me like an artists pallet and just started mixing! I can't wait to dye more stuff up (I'm running low on colors)And for Punkinhead and Alpaca Farmgirl – I messed up some baked ziti with homemade sauce once, I just didn't blog about it. Not sure how I, she who adores making all dishes pasta, messed up baked ziti but it was BAD!

  5. love the colors-I hope to someday have a drum carder-but for now I hand card rolags in much the same way-it is kinda like painting with fiber. Keep up the great work!

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