In a pickle

While browsing through some of my favorite culinary blogs last week, I happened upon a blog post about pickled okra over at Homesick Texan. People who know my fridge well know that I have at least an entire shelf dedicated to all things pickled. I have relishes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, garlic cloves, green tomatos, baby corn, green beans, and so on… and on… and on. Pickled items grab my attention in the grocery store, at the farmers market and especially at the fall craft fairs. You’d think, for as much as I love those salty, sour treats, that I would have tried my hand at pickling before.

You’d think that…

But I haven’t.

Since okra has always been one of my favorite pickled veggies, this blog post just stuck out to me. I thought about it for a few days. I obsessed over the bite of the Serrano pepper, the aftertaste of the garlic, the sour of the vinegar, the aroma of the dill, and the crispness of the okra. It stayed with me, taunting me every time I opened the fridge only to be disapointed that these okra were not sitting on the shelf. I had to solve this, I had to pickle some okra and I had to do it this weekend.

A quick trip to the farmers market provided the okra and the dill and another not so quick trip to the mega center down the street provided the garlic and the Serrano peppers. I was all set. Pickled okras were made and now I must wait for a day to taste them.

This will be the longest day of my life.

4 thoughts on “In a pickle

  1. hmm… you're way ahead of me on this one. I can't say I've eaten much okra, so kudos to you for trying the pickle thing, and for having such a palette for fresh veggies!♥

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