I wish I had a before picture…

because it would make this picture even more amazing.

I’m cheap when it comes to things like cutting my hair. Well, that’s not entire true. My hair stylist runs me about $60+ to get my hair cut BUT I only went about once a year so while it cost a TON to have done, I didn’t go back as often as I should have. I would usually reserve my appointment until I was just about ready to shave my head because my hair was so depressing.

I got to that point yesterday. My hair was long, lifeless, void of good layers, and sad. Just a sad head of hair. I wore it up almost everyday because it looked bad down. Not that it was in bad shape. I didn’t have a single split end which I consider a blessing since it had been 13 months since my last cut. I owe that to Panteen I’m sure. It just looked blah… blah… BLAH.

Inspired by a conversation with a fellow artist/crafter, I decided to try and trim my own hair. After some research online with tips and tricks to cutting your own hair, I went to work. One shower and 40 minutes later, I had a very nice, layered cut. I lost close to 3 inches (maybe a bit more) but the impressive part is the layers that I created. I’m happy. So happy. AND, I saved $60. Always a good thing.

7 thoughts on “I wish I had a before picture…

  1. Gorgeous!Okay, you gotta tell us how you did it.My natural haircut lady taught me how to do them (layered, like yours) when she retired, but the best she could do for me cutting my own hair was to show me how to trim the ends, which I now do… uh… about once a year.

  2. Your hair looks SO cute! Please do tell where you found the hair cuttings tips. I have long thick hair and have always been afraid to do more than a trim around my face, but I'm also too cheap to go to a salon very often too… *giggles*please do tell!♥

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