And down.

Prepare for my most random post ever… seriously… did you prepare yourself? Okay, I warned you…

My second year at the Bella Vista Arts and Crafts Festival (my largest and longest show) is behind me. This year was far more successful than last, so there is that. Maybe that makes up for the fact that I still feel wiped out! Okay, maybe that and the extra fiber goodies I bought this week as a treat to myself make up for the fact that I still feel wiped out. Okay – those things and the bag of kettle corn I’ve been munching on all week. Can’t have a craft fair without the kettle corn.

My sister and I worked really hard to make our booth the CUTEST and best looking one there. We thought we succeeded but apparently the requirements for best booth included things like “boring set up”, “lack of creativity”, “does this look like a set up at the dollar mart?”. Now we know. I’m not sure making our booth look bland and boring is what we want to do to win a free spot at next year’s show. We’ll keep on with our super cute booth because whatever we did, it worked when it came to sales.

My sister even made the words BEST bunting banner (seen above) to welcome shoppers in. I know, I know, it’s a shame we didn’t win best booth.

In other news, my place of employment has decided to close the week after Christmas so put that with the three days off before Christmas that I already requested, and I’m looking at a 2 week vacation 2 months from now. Let the countdown begin. 2 weeks off to sit in my PJs, bake, spin yarn, knit things, watch Christmas movies, and read cannot come soon enough.

Speaking of baking, I fully intend on baking pumpkin – oatmeal – chocochip muffins this week. I’ve fully intended on doing so for the past 4 weekends so hopefully announcing it here should push me to actually do it. They make the perfect breakfast/snack/desert/dinner/lunch and I’ve been craving them since I first made them last year. If you’re nice, I’ll pass one along to you.

OH, more good news. A client’s concert that I was going to have to work on Halloween has been postponed due to a Football game (yeah, only in a college town) so I get Halloween off! Woohoo. I think I’ll stock up on Halloween type junk food (and buffalo wings – they go with anything) and sit and watch scary movies with my Sweet Boy. It will be just a couple of days after our 5 year anniversary (from our first date, I know, sappy) so it will be a good way to celebrate. We’ll save the fancy going out for another weekend.

I think I’ve swarmed you with enough randomness for a week. I’ll end with a good night.

4 thoughts on “And down.

  1. Muffin, pleeze!! :)And yes, ours was without a doubt the CUTEST booth. I wonder if they used SEC officials to decide the winners??

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA – quite possibly. They will be suspended from voting next year.Oh man.Looking at pictures just reaffirmed ours was the cutest (maybe the freshest and best there). BUT, I'm biased.

  3. Well, I was there! You all had a VERY CUTE booth! I recognized your name "Punkinhead" from etsy shops and bought some of your fiber… I didn't have wheel/spindle on vacation with me, but managed to sit on the porch of the cabin-by-the-lake and finger it all into roving ready to get at once we are home! Nice meeting you two!

  4. ooo i loved!! those muffins from last year! dude, we totally should get all the tweetsters to bake 'em again! :)p.s. your booth looks super cute!

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