Finished Halloween SAL yarns!

Finished Halloween SAL yarns!
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Goodness – where has the time gone this week? The Autumn months are just flying by and I have hardly taken time to enjoy them! Such is life, right? Actually, I’m lying a bit. I have been enjoying my time spent outdoors at the Farmer’s Markets and I took a day of work to make this a three day weekend, so not all is lost.

I’m not here to talk about me, though, I’m here to talk about all of the fabulous spinners who participated in the very first Woolyhands Spin-a-long. There were 13 participants in all and 7 who posted finished yarns in my Flickr group… well, 8 if you count my yarn. Aren’t the yarns lovely?

The deal was, each person who posted pics of their finished yarn would be entered in a drawing for a gift batt from yours truly. So, without further delay, I shall announce the winner…

I hate just picking one winner – all of the yarns were great πŸ™‚

The Halloween Spin-a-long was a lot of fun and I’m gearing up for a Holiday/Winter spin-a-long… so keep posted here to get all of the festive, wintery details!

2 thoughts on “Finished Halloween SAL yarns!

  1. Thanks Erin!I had a lot of fun with your spin-a-long too πŸ™‚ Everyone's yarns look awesome!!!

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