Photoshop makes me a happy girl

Laila, AKA Rawfish on Etsy, shared her photoshop tricks on Flickr. Now I’ve gone Photoshop happy and I’m not too proud to say it.

Hi, I’m Erin, and I’m a Photoshop addict.

Well, addict is a strong word. I’ve only made a new banner for Woolyhands and this cute little image as seen here…… but I imagine I’ll be spending lots of time on Photoshop this season. There are worse things.

The NWA Boutique show went very well for me today. I sold a bit of yarn, some neckwarmers, a scarf, but mostly jewelry. Sweet, sweet jewelry. I love how you fly off of the table this time of year. I’ve been working my poor little fingers (and the big ones) to the bone for the past few weeks so I’m only pleased that it’s paying off. I have some new colors and beads in my stuff this year and I’m in love. If I’m feeling up to it tomorrow, I plan on taking some pictures so I can show you all of the lovelies.

However, we all know how plans go.

My plans could very well be pushed aside for a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (don’t judge me… they have fried applies and hash brown casserole), Hancocks for more plying thread, and Target just ’cause I want to go. So if you don’t see new jewelry up in Idyllhands this week, it is because Cracker Barrel got in the way.

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