all I want for Christmas

As I’ve spent time this past weekend browsing around my favorite blogs, I’ve begun to make a mental list of things I want for Christmas. I’ve noticed as I’ve grown older, or wiser, or more mellow (can’t be sure which) that my tastes have changed dramatically. Or, perhaps it’s not my tastes as it is my need for things. When I was 22 I needed more than now, when I’m 29. I’ve got what I need. I’m afraid that when I get married, my gift registries will be full of frivolous things since I’ve got all of the typical marriage type things already (mixers, sheets, towels, plates, etc).

The same applies to Christmas wish lists. I’ve found myself drawn to peaceful things, homey things, things for nesting, things to take naps in, crafty things, a few cute things to put on my dinner table in the chance that I have a dinner party with guests one day… just things here and there. I thought this blog might be a good place to start that list. It can be used by those looking to get me a special gift or I might decide to use it when I’m out doing some flea market shopping during the 2 weeks I’m off of work in December. Rest assured, I won’t be terribly devastated if no one uses it… just a little devastated (kidding… maybe).

  • Quilts – preferably older (there are a lot at my mom’s house, hopefully I’ll get some of my favorites but am open to ones not from my mom’s house too)
  • Head board for my guest /nap room – again, preferably older (I think naps are best taken in a bed with a headboard)
  • Vintage serving platters – I have a few, but wouldn’t hate a few more
  • Wall shelves for my dining room so I have a place to put my collections
  • Bookshelves with glass doors/fronts for my wool collection
  • Smallish hanging pots for my plants I have to bring indoors during the winter (preferably vintage or vintage in style)
  • Vintage sugar and creamer sets (I’m wanting to start a new collection)

Something that goes along with this list, but not as a gift item, is time to clean out my life. I’m ready to go through the bins in my basement and begin to get rid of things. As I begin to bring some things that belonged to my mom into my life, I’m ready to get rid of the things that have no meaning (gifts from boyfriends past, binders full of college notes – why do we keep those?, shoes I don’t wear, things like that). I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this before, but I’m serious this time.

Before I was only partially serious.

Happy Monday everyone!

3 thoughts on “all I want for Christmas

  1. I'm getting that way too. Especially after moving 5 times in the last 4 years, and growing older at the same time… I really don't want or need much anymore. Just to be happy, just to have a peaceful life… Just to have a few special things in it. :)♥

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