Two Thousand and Nine

2009 has been an interesting year. It has brought the hardest times for me as well as some of the most hopeful times for me. Time is funny like that. A trending topic on Twitter tonight has left me a bit nostalgic. 10 years ago sounds like eons but when I think about what I was doing, it really wasn’t long ago at all.

Ten years ago I was…

I had left The University of Texas after one semester because I wasn’t in LHB. Yes, folks, I left a university because I didn’t get a spot in their marching band. I was a music major and everyone I had made friends with in my classes were in the band. I went to the games, as a spectator, thinking that would help. However, it didn’t and I hated Austin. So the only thing to do was leave to go home to the DFW area and attend UTArlington (or UT Almost). Some might say it was a bad decision – I didn’t do well in school at UTA, had a bad relationship with my boyfriend that left me in tears at least once a week, and worked my tail off at a restaurant. However, it was a good decision. I realized what I needed in school and eventually went back to UT and did very well, I realized what a goober I was dating, got to spend more time with my mom (something I treasure now, more than ever) and found myself a bit more.

On this very night, ten years ago, I was waiting tables at On The Border in Bedford Texas (a job I really liked and still miss, at times). I remember thinking that if Y2K was real, what would happen to what few tables were left in the restaurant after midnight. Perhaps those guests were sticking around to see if the computers would implode and they would get a free meal. Needless to say, nothing happened and spending the turn of a mellenium at a restaurant smelling of refriend beans and tortillas isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

I wore clunky, ugly boots 10 years ago. My mom used to say they were ugly (probably not in those words… can’t remember which absolutely kills me) but I thought they were wonderful. We all wore them, don’t deny it. I’m glad that at the turn of 2010, I’m not wearing those boots anymore.

I was listening to the same music I am today, minus a few bands/performers that have popped up since then. It’s reassuring knowing that I was as picky about my music at the age of 19 as I am at 29.

My best friend was Stephanie. It’s also reassuring that she is still my best friend. Stephanie saw me through so much since we became friends. She saw me through a bad break up from the Goober boyfriend I mentioned earlier, she saw me through the death of that Goober boyfriend (long story, we’ll save it for another post), she saw me through the break up of someone I thought I’d grow old with, she saw me through the death of my mom. It’s amazing what best friends will mean to you. (It’s also reassuring that I can say I have 2 best friends now and it’s VERY reassuring that one of them is my big sister)

10 years ago I was so green and didn’t know where I was going in life or what the next year would bring. It’s funny how tonight, 10 years later, I’m still that green and still don’t know what the next year will bring.

So many people are posting resolutions, goals and plans for the upcoming year. So much has happened in the past year that has started to shape who I am. I’m afraid not spending some time reflecting on that will do me a disservice. I can’t even begin to come up with resolutions, goals and plans until I know how everything in the past has added up. Perhaps those will come tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful New Years Eve!

2 thoughts on “Two Thousand and Nine

  1. I'm glad you're one of MY best friends too!! :)But I don't have the faith in my music taste like you do… I think maybe listening to the same stuff as ten years ago means I'm just boring. But I'm secure enough to be okay with that.

  2. Erin, I love this post! And I'm so there with you girl, on so many levels. We are both 29, I didn't realize that until just now. ♥I think it's good to reflect on the past. I think we are getting to an age where everything is starting to add up, and we are seeing ourselves as we are, in this age. I dunno.Anyways, beautiful post my friend. And I still pretty much listen to the same music too. ♥;)

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