It’s a Start

I’ve found myself dragging my feet in listing new items in my Etsy shops since, well, since my last update. The Holidays found me lounging on the couch and not really doing the spinning and mass dyeing I though I would. I did manage to squeeze a day of dyeing in this past weekend and really I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The colors are all vibrant, the fibers soft, and it was the first time I’ve handpainted fiber in months. I had a blast, but I’m out of wool suitable for this process. Sure sure, I could easily go online and purchase more but I’m tired of purchasing overpriced wool. I’m ready to go wholesale but that comes with strings, many strings attached. First, I would need a tax resale license/permit. This should be easy… right? Wrong. This takes talent and mad skills, both of which I thankfully still have a bit of. I’m many forms and documents closer to having this but I feel like I’m still forever and a day away from getting that darned permit.

Good things come to those who wait… right?

In the mean time, I’ll dye mill ends. I’ll survive.

I blogged over at the AREtsy blog about New Year’s Resolutions today. No, not the dieting, walk more, spend less, clean everyday kind of resolutions, but goals for businesses (spefically Etsy businesses). Perhaps my blogging about that was a bit hypocritcal as I haven’t really sat down and taken the time to come up with any of my own. I suppose today is a good day to do that.

1. Advertise more (which would mean advertise… period) – I’m already one step closer to this goal. I purchased a banner spot on Ravelry today. It goes up on February 1 and all I need to do is create a banner.
2. Work smarter, not harder. Ohhhh, I hate that phrase but it’s such a good phrase. I started that this weekend by dyeing two batches of fiber in each colorway I played with instead of just one. This saves time because I don’t have to mix a ton of different dyes and hopefully it will satisfy those customers who want more fiber in one colorway.
3. Stick to the branding for each shop that I came up with in 2009. DO IT. DON’T STRAY. We’ll see if I can stick to this. Creative minds go all over the place so this might be difficult.
4. Be creative at least 5 days a week. This ones easy – I CAN do this… just after I watch that new… NO, I CAN do this.
5. Make setting up at craft shows 75% easier than it has been in the past. This might mean paying for a tent instead of bringing my own, but that will leave more time and more room in the car for setting up the good stuff.

That’s my list for now. I might/will probably add to it as time goes on but it’s a good start.

So what are your New Years Resolutions?

2 thoughts on “It’s a Start

  1. Work smarter not harder was my bit for last year, and I'm not sure I really ever figured it out. But I do feel like I learned a lot last year in a down economy, and I can see growth in my shop… if nothing else, at least with my branding.Though this year, i'm ready to stray and swing in a new direction. Don't force yourself to stick with anything, just go with the flow love.;)

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