I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

I’ve gone mad… mad for fabric. I’m not sure what I’ll do about it and I really don’t think I have time for such nonsense. The last thing I need is another crafty hobby… right? Someone please stage an intervention.

A couple of years ago at a fiber festival, I was introduced to Rabbits Lair. It’s a fabric/quilting shop located in downtown Rogers at the CUTEST old bank in the world. After a visit there last year with my mom, I fell in love. The fabric was floor to ceiling, the fat quarter were plentiful and the walls are lined with quilts that will blow your mind. It was that day that I thought I could one day be a quilter.

Since then I’ve lusted after quilts in Flickr sets, I’ve scoured websites for quilting patterns that looks easy enough to learn with but still had end results that wowed, and I’ve stalked Etsy shops with fabric that I had to have in my collection. However, it wasn’t until yesterday morning that I fell down the rabbit hole.

It really was an ugly scene. I took my sister and niece along because if you’re doing it in groups, it’s a social thing and not really some kind of “ism” – fat quarterism? Is that something I need to seek help for? I spent 2 hours walking around the shop. I added fat quarter upon fat quarter to my shopping back. I grabbed bolts of fabric off the shelves and had them cut just for me. I skipped around huging my new fabrics with glee and growled at those who were reaching for ones that I just had to add to my growing collection. It was an ugly, ugly scene.

I managed to make it out of there with enough quarters for 2 blankets and other fabric for a duvet cover… okay, okay and jelly rolls for more quilting projects. It kind of hurts to think about… a little. A stop at Hobby Lobby on the way home for thread and I’m ready to piece together my blanket tops. I’m not yet going to say quilt tops as I’m not going to quilt these together, but oh, they will be lovely. Big blocks of colors and patterns that make my tail wag. I’ll be cuddled on the couch with my new blankets in high style and hopefully within the next two weeks. I will not let this new hobby sit in bags, I will become the blanket from fat quarters master!

5 thoughts on “I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. You visited the Slayer!!!After my first visit to the Rabbit's Lair I came home gushing to Denise about this fabulous fabric store up in Rogers. She's swooning at the descriptions of all the fabulous fabrics – and the bargains in the basement. But then she says, "too bad they chose such an unfortunate name." I was confused cause I thought The Rabbit's Lair was a pretty name. It wasn't until Denise and I are planning a trip that she realizes that I wasn't saying "The Rabbit Slayer". The name stuck. Gotta love Southern accents!

  2. You and my mom should be friends. I don't know anyone who makes prettier quilts than she does. When I was young, she used to make big bed ones, but in the last 10 years or so she's gotten more into small quilts with only the occasional big quilt. I dunno how it would start, but she knows a lot about quilting stuff X D.

  3. Oh I can't wait to see what you make! Several years ago, I went to the thrift store and bought up as many pairs of fat man's pants I could find… cut them up into squares and stitched them together… the blanket turned out much smaller as it came together, than it looked all laid out on the floor, but it was fun to make… I used flannel for the backing… so cozy! Only sad thing is, I must have left it behind when I left my ex, because I don't have it anymore, and I wish I did. The only thing close to a quilt I've ever made.

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