I do follow through

Today was a day of finishing projects that have been sitting around for well over a year or starting new ones so they don’t sit around for a year waiting to be touched. While going through more corners, drawers and boxes, I happened upon a stack of t-shirts. At first I gazed upon them in confusion. Why did I keep these? They have no meaning to… ahhh… t-shirt bags. I remember now. I had all kinds of good intentions (before my mom got sick) to make these into market bags. Then the year of all things craptacular began and projects like that just didn’t get finished.

Well, it’s a new year and it’s time to finish this project. In fact, I needed to finish this project before moving any further on cleaning, organizing, new projects, spinning yarn, making jewelry, breathing, eating… you get the picture. So out came the sewing machine and I went to work. The end result is a pile of 7 new t-shirt bags. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them as I already have a pile of market/shopping bags, but at least the project is done. Gifts perhaps? Yes, perhaps. See – piles upon piles of t-shirt bags.
Since the sewing machine was out, I figured I might as well start on my blanket top. After a couple of hours, 16 fat quarters had been pinned, sewn, resewn to even them up, and all put together to form my first blanket top. I’m beyond pleased with the project so far. If Hobby Lobby was open at 8:22 PM on a Saturday, I’d run off for batting so I could finish this blanket. However, they aren’t, so this project is on hold until I can get the rest of the supplies. Eventually there will be 2 blankets. This one (seen above) in oranges, greens and golds and another one in reds, blacks, creams and charcoal. They are replacing my fleece blankets because adults don’t need fleece blankets, adults need quilts.

Oh! I also baked bread today. I’m kind of spectacular like that.

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