Step away from the plying head.

I have to admit a dirty little secret. It’s bad. You might want to cover the ears of younger children. Okay, and the ears of a few elderly folks. I’m quite ashamed to admit this to all of you… but here goes –

I can’t stop plying.

I used to be crazy for batts. I loved separating them out by color (almost in an OCD way) so spin up stripey singles. I love the drape of a single, I loved knitting with singles, and I adored the color changes. During my stocking up of batts, I purchased roving/combed top here and there but spun that up as singles also. Occasionally I’d sneak a plied (with itself) yarn in there, but not often. If I did ply, it was usually big, slubby yarns on thread.

Then a knit a long on Ravelry caught my attention. The pattern was called “Toasts” and people were using their plied yarns spun from Funky Carolina wool. I was mesmerized by the way the plied yarns knit up. The colors were undefined yet defined, all at the same time. They were organic, a kaleidoscope of colors, and I had to try them myself. I spun up some plied yarn, knit up the toasts, and fell in love.

Since the “Toasts” project in November, I’ve really only been spinning plied yarns. Okay, I lie, I spun a singles last week, but other than that, I’ve been plying.

It’s shameful, really, the amount of plying I do. Poor fluffy, lovely, colorful batts. They sit, unused, waiting to be spun. Soon, my friends, soon. But for right now, I ply.

5 thoughts on “Step away from the plying head.

  1. Erin, my dear. Your yarn is beautiful, as always. Would you send me your adress, because I still have an advent gift waiting here for you. I could send it next Christmas, but maybe you'd like it in, say February?Warmly wishes for this not so new any more year.

  2. Yah, but your plied yarns are beautiful though! I always love looking at your knit shop. It's a good thing I don't know how to knit, or I might have to horde some of your yarns! πŸ™‚

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