Stash Busting

Let me go ahead and admit I have somewhat of an issue. When it comes to spinning fiber, I have no monetary control. I can’t give my money away fast enough. The highlight of my day is often finding a big, squishy envelope in my mail box. Those packages fill my heart with fibery warmth and fill my spinning bobbins with lush, lovely yarn.

Typically this doesn’t bother me. I have mad skills (typically I’m more modest about myself) when it comes to selling yarn and fiber and I’m able to end each week with a profit even when I’ve been let loose on a fiber shopping spree. However, lately the fiber has been stacking up and stacking up. I blame this entirely on the fact that there isn’t a need for a large farmers market in this area during the winter. It’s a tragedy really and as you see, it’s not my fault. I don’t have a place to go unload my yarn every Saturday so while I keep spinning, the fiber keeps piling up.

Even though I take no blame for the current condition of my fiber stash and the current sad state of my PayPal account, I will do my best to fix both sides of the issue. I found a group on Ravelry challenging each other to spin 10 yarns before buying any more fiber. It seems I run with a large crowd when it comes to fiber purchases. There is a boat load of addicts just like me. Thankfully, that large crowd of fiberholics also provided a good support group. Many times this week I’ve almost strayed and purchased some locks here, a batt there, a braid of top over in that place… but alas, I have been strong. I have many other on my side cheering me on.

I’ve spun 7 yarns so far. There are plied yarns, singles, crazy art yarns, corespun yarns, corespun on wire yarns, and yarns that have no category. I can’t seem to find the dent I’ve made in my stash yet, but I know it’s there. Hopefully when I get to 10 I’ll have a hole on my bookshelf large enough to have a good reason to go buy more fiber to fill it.

HEY – don’t look at me like that. Turn around, look at your bead/fabric/paper/whateverelseyoucanthinkof stash and then admit to yourself that we all have a craft supply hoarding issue.

Uh huh… that’s what I thought.

Now don’t you feel bad for looking at me like that?

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