What Makes a Home?

I recently overheard someone talking about my house and my decorating style by saying “Erin really makes it feel like a home in here” (this person doesn’t live here nor is their sole purpose in life to say things that make me feel good). Since hearing that, I’ve walked around my house looking to see what it is I do to make it feel like a home.

Is it shelves full of books?

Walls covered in family pictures?

Art created by my siblings on display?

Collections of things here and there?

I couldn’t place my finger on one single thing and it dawned on me… I’m like my mom. If there is one way to describe her decorating style, I would say it was “comfortable/eclectic”. She didn’t hone in one style but rather combined a mish-mash of things that all just worked together. While I don’t see my mom’s house when I walk into my small home, I do see her influence. I have pottery from the 70s mixed with pottery from the 40s. My napkins don’t match but are all floral. I have a very modern rug mixed with a table and lamp styled after the 20s. All of these things wouldn’t go together in concept, but they all just work.

My latest addition to my home was the lamp and table in the picture above. They came from my mom’s house and when I stuck them in my car (carefully, mind you) I had no idea what I was going to do with them, I just knew I wanted them. I’ve loved that lamp since my mom brought it home when I was in high school and that table was just quirky enough for me to lust after. I brought them home and set them in my dining room. I pretended they weren’t there, in the middle of a room they didn’t belong in, while I searched out their perfect location. When that location wasn’t found right away, I tried to ignore them while going on about my business, but they sat there, calling after me. “Erin… find us a place… we want to help you make this space a home”. It wasn’t until hours later when I was sitting on the couch when I realized that they would have a space in my living room. Furniture was shifted and then moved again and finally, the table and lamp sat center stage. They were perfect in their new spot.

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to put a lamp in my living room. Instantly that room hugs anyone who enters. Perhaps it was the room that was waiting on the right lamp to come along. Thankfully my mom bought that lamp 13 years ago – little did she know it was perfect for this house.

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