The White Flag

I’m sitting here behind my spinning wheel, defeated and waving my white flag. I recently told a local couple that I would give spinning their poodle fur into yarn a try. I washed it, dried it, carded it and started spinning it. All went well for about 10 minutes and then the crazy allergies set in. I got itchy, sneezy, and my eyes teared up. I moved forward refusing to believe I was allergic to something so soft.

I gave it another go tonight and the same thing happened. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to let those that requested the yarn down, but I just can’t see myself spinning 500 yards of poodle yarn at this point. It’s driving me batty.

I am so disappointed. I do not like letting people down… not… one… bit. This is actually making me a bit sick to my stomach. I think if I try again, it will be better, but each time I pick the fur up, I’m left itching for the next hour. I guess you can’t win them all. I’m going to give it one more go tomorrow night – we’ll see how it goes but I’m not optimistic. It spun up into such lovely yarn – this really is sad 😦

I’m almost embarassed more than anything. Basically this project went like this:

“Hey you, I like your yarn”
“Oh, my yarn? Thanks!”
“So my fiance and I have this standard poodle and we think it would be funny to knit a sweater for him out of yarn spun from his fur”
“Oh, that is the best idea ever”
“Think you can do it?”
“I can do anything, I’m kind of fabulous like that.”
“Great, we’ll be in touch”

And then they were in touch and the rest is sad, allergen filled, history.


*double sigh*

You see, this is really bothering me.

So much so that it warrants a “triple sigh”

5 thoughts on “The White Flag

  1. Uh, I'm not an advocate of medications, but have you tried taking an antihistamine and then finishing the project in one dose? Then never again…

  2. Oh no!Maybe try wearing a dust mask and take some allergy medicine a little while before you start working.I take a generic claritin, and it works great. No drowsy or hyped feelings at all… just helps your body have a stronger defense, rather than trying to mask the symptoms.

  3. Oh girl, you are talking to the queen of allergies. I'm sure you remember me being sick almost every day of college. Start out by wearing some gloves — sorry — and a drs. mask before you move on to medication. I broke out in a rash working with Easter grass this weekend. Trust me, I feel ya!

  4. Maybe you can find another spinning friend who will do the poodle yarn as a favor, and you can do some kind of favor in return? After all, you've got all the prep done. It's not worth suffering so much just to finish it!

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