Gardening… at last

I finally found myself squishing dirt between my hands, carefully moving earthworms out of the way of my little shovel, and digging holes today. I took some time, and the opportunity to work with damp earth, today and worked on my herb garden.

When I moved here, I brought peppermint, lemon balm and spearmint with me. Last year I planted some oregano and chives (both of which came back up this year). Earlier this season I planted rosemary, sage, thyme, chocolate and apple mints. So all I needed to add to it was some catnip, cilantro, Italian parsley, dill, Genovese basil, and Purple Opal basil. The seeds were from last year, so I hope they sprout. If not I’ll just head down to the local nursery and buy more. I didn’t want to throw these away if they were still good.

I’ve also started some squash and melon seeds today. It’s far too late for peppers and tomatoes from seeds, but squash takes off. These seeds are a few years old… so we’ll see if they sprout. No biggie if they don’t, it’s more an experiment than anything.It felt so good to get back out into the garden. I love designing where I’m going to plant thing. I love using broken pots buried in the ground for visual interest (and mint containment). I’m always scavenging for rocks in other parts of the yard to add height to my beds… it’s just refreshing to get to do that again.

But now that I’m finished for the day, and showered, I’m thinking I should get back to that knitting.

4 thoughts on “Gardening… at last

  1. i saw in a magazine recently where people were using discarded china plates from thrift stores to edge their garden, it was sooooo cool! i am totally doing it. 😀 you reminded me of it talking of broken pots.

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