Whatchoo Doin’?

I’ve not been an outstanding blogger this summer. Oh well, can’t go back and fix it. However, I can say that I’ve been busy spinning yarn, rearranging (over and over) my crafting room, shopping at flea markets and finding the COOLEST things for my jewelry shop, pretending to clean out my mom’s house (if you count bringing home the occasional piece of furniture or keepsake as cleaning) and sleeping in when I can.

Okay, so I’ve been doing more of the last one than I have been doing of the rest.

The days that make up mid-summer seem to be lazy ones. The heat makes me want to stay in bed, the recent cloudy days don’t help and if I do make it out of bed the long, hot days certainly leave me in a state of equilibrium. I want to spin yarn, but I don’t want to. I want to photograph my jewelry for the big IdyllHands relaunch, but I don’t want to. I might have to try the timer method to get a few things done 🙂

It doesn’t help that I’ve got 2 trips planned over the next month. One to Houston (wooo…. Houston) for a business conference and in exactly one month I’m heading to Philadelphia with the Sweet Boy to dog sit my brother’s pup. If you thought my countdown to my trip to Austin was redonk, prepare yourselves for even more ridiculousness. I absolutely cannot wait for a week long getaway to the East coast. Nothing like the honking of a horn, blasting of a siren, and crowds of people to give me some much needed time away.

At least I do have some yarny progress to show for my absense from my blog – see, yarn:

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